Women with HIV/AIDS

Our programs encourage women to dramatically change their lives with the goal of becoming happy, healthy and substance free.


Our Hibiscus Haven program offers treatment to women with substance abuse who have been concurrently diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. Operating within Gratitude House, the Hibiscus Haven houses 8 beds and functions through support from Facility-Based Transitional House Assistance program that provides supportive housing in a residential treatment setting. In addition to the typical substance abuse treatment planning, clients are able to participate in a wide range of supportive services provided on site. Clients participate in completion of treatment planning that addresses matters such as HIV/AIDS related medical issues including enrollment in long-term healthcare, psychiatric evaluations, case management, vocational and employment training, budgeting and financial education and permanent housing goals.

We emphasize the need for the women of the Hibiscus Haven Program to learn how to cope with both their substance abuse and HIV/AIDS status. Our staff recognizes that for many, this can be an overwhelming process. Accordingly, we work to register clients in a variety of available government and community programs in order to provide long-term assistance, paying particular attention to setting up medical care and prescriptions medication needs.

Gratitude House offers top quality treatment at affordable prices. For clients who meet specific criteria, we offer subsidized funding through a sliding fee scale.


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