Mothers & Infants

Our programs encourage women to dramatically change their lives with the goal of becoming happy, healthy and substance free.


Gratitude House is here to help mothers with young children. The Mothers and Infants in Treatment Together (MITT) program provides a tremendous opportunity to help addicted women and their babies at a critical time in their developing lives. The treatment is child-focused, helping women become better parents, bond with their babies, and assure that children receive appropriate developmental interventions & support.

Our MITT Program is specifically designed for parenting/ post-partum (and pregnant) women and allows women to have their infants (up to 1 year) reside in treatment with them, ensuring a safe environment for the bond between a mother and baby to flourish. We believe it is important to address and treat the issue of parenting /postpartum (and pregnant) women using drugs in a therapeutic and educational setting while not forcing new or expectant mothers to choose between treatment and caring for their babies.


Another goal is to foster change in high-risk, co-occurring women while at the same time reducing the risk of infant maltreatment by protecting and nurturing the safety and developmental capacity of the infants. The first years of life provide the basis for children’s mental health and social-emotional development. We provide prevention, intervention and support to our mothers and infants to help build parent/child relationships which support attachment and positive social-emotional development of children, in other words, good mental health for both moms and their children. Clients attend groups to help them understand the importance of early attachment & positive social-emotional development of children.


Our expert staff is trained in early childhood development, Touchpoints, and Triple P Parenting (Positive Parenting Program). All clients attend groups to help them understand the importance of early attachment and positive social-emotional development of children. Along with their substance abuse treatment, our Infant Mental Health Specialists provide child-parent psychotherapy, infant assessments and evaluations to ensure their child is meeting their sensory and developmental milestones and obtaining social-emotional wellness and secure mental health.


We also provide comprehensive support services, such as Case Management to review client needs, enroll in food stamps, WIC, Medicaid, healthcare and help to find housing. MITT clients are taken WIC shopping and taught how to plan and budget for their necessities. Our vocational counselor helps clients with their resumes, job searches or educational pursuits. We work to lay a foundation for a healthy, sustainable future and in doing so we’re creating a better life for them & their children.

Gratitude House offers top quality treatment at affordable prices. For clients who meet specific criteria, we offer subsidized funding through a sliding fee scale.


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