Residential Services

Our programs encourage women to dramatically change their lives with the goal of becoming happy, healthy and substance free.


Our Residential Treatment is comprised of 29 beds – 13 beds for women 18 years and older, 8 beds for Mothers and Infants in Treatment Together (MITT) and 8 beds in Hibiscus Haven for women who have been concurrently diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. Both programs are fully-integrated into the residential program and include specialized groups such as Healthy Start and Medical Issues.

At Gratitude House we take a comprehensive, long-term approach to treatment with an average length of stay for each client ranging from 9 to 12 months. Operating 7 days a week, our residential program provides an environment of continuous structure and safety in which recovery and the healing process can flourish. Daily treatment services for clients include group and individual counseling, addiction and mental health education, treatment planning, peer socialization, conflict resolution, problem solving and life skills. The residents become responsible for their own actions through the completion of therapeutic and domestic responsibilities, adherence to a structured clinical schedule, and following through on medical, physical, dietetic and hygienic needs on a daily basis. Comprehensive support services, such as case management, pregnancy-related services, parenting classes, vocational training, GED completion, relapse prevention and aftercare are also provided for each client.


Our program is divided into a phase system that is designed to provide a structured, supportive, behavioral treatment approach for each client at Gratitude House. Each phase has a specific purpose, with tasks and privileges that support the development of basic recovery skills. The length of time in each phase is determined by the individual’s rate of progress and achievement on treatment plan goals and objectives.


At Gratitude House, we adhere to evidence-based treatment models. We recognize the unique benefits of gender-specific treatment and strive to positively augment our programs wherever possible in order to serve our clients best interests. An overwhelming majority of our women have experienced some kind of traumatic abuse in their lives. All of our clinical staff members have been trained in trauma-informed care, addressing issues including domestic abuse, severe emotional abuse, sexual assault and other types of harm and violence that have long-lasting effects. When these trauma issues are left untreated, the pattern of violence is often repeated within the survivors’ family. Additionally, unresolved trauma can prolong the battle of addiction and lead to frequent and chronic relapse. We strongly believe in addressing and disrupting these patterns.


Our overall program goals are to assist women in reducing risk factors associated with the progression of substance abuse problems not just for themselves, but for their families as well. Our focuses in treating substance abuse/dependence in our clients include helping teach new skills for coping and maintaining abstinence. In doing so we hope to insure a better quality of life and promote enhancement of the lives of the women we serve by facilitating self-sufficiency. Our fundamental goal is to help women overcome their addictions, deal with specialty issues, regain their independence, and return to society as sober, self-sufficient, productive women.

Gratitude House also offers Transitional Housing for those clients requiring a less restrictive level of care while they transition back into the community and everyday life.

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