Our programs encourage women to dramatically change their lives with the goal of becoming happy, healthy and substance free.

At Gratitude House, we offer long-term, professionally implemented and supervised clinical treatment services to women with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues. Our dedicated staff and therapists provide a holistic, clinically sophisticated and woman-centered approach to treatment. We believe that the whole woman needs to be treated. We take a strength-based, systemic, client-directed approach, encompassing factors like previous life experience, traumatic incidents, physical and mental health. We build upon their strengths rather than on their deficits. We offer a gender specific approach to the treatment of substance abuse, as it is clear through research and trial that women have unique needs and afflictions which can best be treated in an all- female environment. Substance abuse and mental health affects the entire family, therefore family therapy is an integral part of our approach.

We adhere to evidence based treatment models. All of our clinical staff is trained in trauma informed care as all our programs address issues of trauma including domestic abuse, severe emotional abuse, sexual assault and other types of violence and harm that have long lasting effects on the survivors. Untreated and unresolved trauma issues often lead to relapse and neglect. We believe strongly in addressing and disrupting this pattern.

Our programs provide a comprehensive continuum of care that includes Outreach, Intervention, Residential, Day, Outpatient and Aftercare services as well as Vocational Training and Case Management. An important part of our treatment plan is to help put our clients on a path towards self-sufficiency. Throughout the treatment process, our Case Manager and Job Coach work to prepare and educate our clients to attend to their future employment, medical, and housing needs as well as their substance abuse. We offer job training, education, case management, life skills and a structured path forward for a successful sober life.

We are proud to have a team of very committed, credentialed and experienced professionals all working together to make each client's experience a success.


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