Our programs encourage women to dramatically change their lives with the goal of becoming happy, healthy and substance free.

Gratitude House was founded in 1968 by eleven resolute women who met in the “Serenity Room” of the Triangle Club on 4th Street in West Palm Beach, Florida. They emptied their pockets, and with $23 they launched Gratitude House. The women, whose husbands called them the “Silk Stocking Group” because they wore hats, gloves and pearls, were determined to find a place where they could offer homeless, poor and alcoholic women a place to live providing housing, meals and rehabilitation. Back then, jail was the only option for women with no resources.

The dream of these eleven original visionaries is alive and well in the work of Gratitude House today. The primary mission of Gratitude House is to offer rehabilitation and support services with dignity and respect to the chemically dependent female. Now entering our 47th year, Gratitude House has helped thousands of women successfully battle the disease of addiction.

Gratitude House has earned a reputation as a cutting edge agency, with a long history of launching new services to best assist our clients in becoming healthy, self-reliant and substance abuse free. Our history of innovation includes:

  • Our Hibiscus Haven Program was one of the first combined residential HIV/AIDS and substance abuse treatment programs for local women;
  • We were an early front runner in recognizing the need to enter Trauma Informed Care into all of our treatment modalities;
  • We are one of the few nonprofit, long-term substance abuse Transitional Living Programs with a clinical component for women in Palm Beach County;
  • We have the full team of Infant Mental Health care specialists providing services in a substance abuse treatment center;
  • We were one of original Mothers and Infants in Treatment Together (MITT) programs in the entire United States, and,
  • As of Fall 2015, we will be one of the few onsite Child Care Center and multi-service Child Care Program in a substance abuse treatment center locally and nationally.

In ranking its adult behavioral substance abuse programs, Palm Beach County ranked Gratitude House as having the first and third top three ranked programs in the region.

Gratitude House is a fully accredited Level II licensed treatment center offering long-term clinical services to women who meet the DSM-V criteria for substance abuse and, in many cases, co-occurring mental health issues. We operate 7 days a week, 365 days a year. At Gratitude House, we take a comprehensive, long-term approach to treatment with the average length of stay for each client ranging from 9 to 12 months.

Our target population is any woman 18 years of age or older suffering from drug and/or alcohol addiction who resides in Palm Beach County. Over 85% of our clients are homeless, jobless and indigent when they come to us and almost all have a history of trauma caused by domestic abuse, battering, severe emotional abuse, sexual assault and other types of violence and harm.

Through the provision of professional clinical therapy in a nurturing and safe environment, it is our goal at Gratitude House to help rehabilitate women caught in the seemingly hopeless cycle of drug and alcohol addiction. We are committed to helping these women to achieve sustained wellness and sobriety in order to function in the community as self-sufficient, healthy and productive citizens.

We are proud to have a team of very committed, credentialed and experienced professionals all working together to make each client's experience a success.


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