Public Notice From Board of Directors


All of us at Gratitude House are committed and dedicated to continuing the mission to provide care to women and children in substance abuse treatment. We are so appreciative of the long standing community support and we would be grateful for any generous assistance in helping us confront the many difficult issues that we are dealing with at Gratitude House. We are striving to ensure that Gratitude House remain in the community to serve women and children. As of this time we have been able to maintain the operation of the daycare center as a result of some generous donations from dedicated individuals. We are committed to supporting the daycare center going forward. Please join us in these efforts to continue these services and bring the mission of Gratitude House full circle. For further information on how to assist Gratitude House please contact the following:  For the Board of Directors contact staff member Doreen Clancy at 561-833-6826; for the Child Care contact  Kim Rolston, Day Care Director, 561-414-4463


We have suspended our substance abuse treatment services as of June 30, 2017.  All patient files will be stored at Iron Mountain.  If you are in need of your client record please call 561-833-6826 or email .

Our child care services remain open.

Statement to Friends & Supporters From The Board of Directors

August 1, 2017

Gratitude House, Inc. (“Gratitude House”) has served the community of Palm Beach County for 48 years.  During that period, Gratitude House has helped thousands of women and enjoyed the support of numerous donors and funding sources.  Recently, Gratitude House has fallen on hard times that threaten its ability to continue its mission to offer rehabilitation and support services to chemically dependent women. Friends and supporters of Gratitude House have contacted those of us currently serving on the Gratitude House Board of Directors wanting to understand the current challenges faced by Gratitude House as well as its future plans.  In an effort to provide an accurate explanation of the challenges facing Gratitude House we carefully investigated relevant documents, facts and issues impacting Gratitude House.

Because the tenure of each of the three (3) current Gratitude House Board of Director members is limited to slightly more than one year, we investigated documents and historical matters that precede our service.  As a result of our investigation, we have concluded that Gratitude House’s current problems are the result of a series of matters commencing in 2013 and continuing through early 2016.

While we have made a substantial effort to understand all relevant historical facts, we have come to understand that the persons involved with Gratitude House during the 2013-2016 period do not share a uniform understanding of the relevant facts.  Persons involved with Gratitude House during the 2013-2016 period assert different reasons for the current problems suffered by Gratitude House.  Separating fact from fiction has not been easy.

We have determined that we do not have the time or ability to continue to investigate the various explanations and opinions asserted for the current difficulties suffered by Gratitude House.  As a result, we make no effort to assign blame, second guess, or otherwise point fingers at anyone.  Instead, we have determined that we should direct our resources and attention to determining what is in the best interest of Gratitude House. We believe that whatever we can do to make it possible for Gratitude House to continue to serve Palm Beach County is in the best interest of Gratitude House.  Accordingly, our efforts are directed to that mission.

As best as we can tell, the problems occurring in the 2013-2016 period have hurt Gratitude House in at least three critical ways.  First, and perhaps foremost, Gratitude House lost the support of several important funding sources.  Second, the combined loss of funding sources and monies expended in connection with a failed “transitional housing program” made it necessary to discontinue certain services offered for years by Gratitude House and for which Gratitude House is well known and respected.  Third, the failure to maintain several of the Gratitude House properties located on the main campus at 1700 N. Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach (the “Main Campus”), have rendered them unfit for occupation.

Given the above-described problems, time is of the essence for Gratitude House.  The Board understands the need to quickly settle on, and execute, a plan that will enable Gratitude House to continue to be an asset to the community.  Among other things, the Board is evaluating both the ability to secure funding sources that may make possible the restoration of the downtown Main Campus as well as the possible sale of the Main Campus so that the proceeds could be utilized for the purpose of acquiring or developing a new campus in a less expensive location.  As soon as we settle on a final plan we will release another statement updating our friends and supporters.  Until then thank you for your interest in Gratitude House.